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vanian ([personal profile] vanian) wrote2015-11-18 11:32 am

friends only. comment to be added.

Hi, I'm PJ. It's not my legal name, but it's the name I choose to use. When it comes to pronouns, I prefer to use male or neutral. I know it's difficult for some people to adjust. Please, do your best to remember.

I'm a college graduate, and unemployed (I'm a very underpaid manny, and so I don't consider it steady employment.). I have two BAs: Psychology and English Literature. I'm an adult, and I do not feel comfortable adding anyone younger than seventeen. Sorry.

I consider myself a very political person, so I will talk about current events a lot. If that bothers you, scroll by. I do believe respect goes both ways. If you do not like my opinion on something, then you are welcome to speak your mind. I only ask you to do so in a respectful manner.

I don't dig bigotry. I will call you out on it. Just so you know, I won't give a shit about "how many of your friends/family are X."

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